How to change the name value of attributes of textbox control that added DataGrid control?

I created a DataGrid and added a textbox control as a template column and binded a DataSet as for DataSource in my webform1.aspx.

when you looked at the HTML format souce code of dataGrid after that have generated .

i found all the textbox named with datagrid,textbox and a random number.

The question is how can i rename it in running time?

i have tried some times in different event of datagrid  but i fail!


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Of course the ID of the textbox will not be the same as you named it, because datagrid contains lots of rows and each row will have a textbox, so to keep the id unique, id is amended to include the datagrid and row number.

Why do you want to rename the ID's at runtime?  I don't think you can change the ID's at runtime.  Please explain what you want to do in detail, so maybe we will be able to give you a better solution.

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thanks for your response.

i think of that it could not be change but it is able to add a  new one.

However, i only want to change the name not the id  attribute of textbox control .


4/5/2006 10:46:58 AM
You still haven't explained why do you need to change the name property of the TextBoxes.
4/5/2006 11:31:26 PM

It seems no such solution can achieve your goal.  We only can set the name property through javascirpt, however it is done by client.  So if the page is postedback, the name of the textbox still render its default.


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