How to automatically copy the value of a gridview row to a field in the gridview footer row


 How to automatically copy the existing value displayed in a gridview row to a field in the gridview footer row.  Both fields are of the same type.  The gridbew row is used to modify information and the footer row is used to add new information to the db.




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1 - turn column into template

2 - Add a label to footer template

3 - Say you add a select command so you can select the desired row


Protected Sub GridView1_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender as Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles GridView1.SelectedIndexChanged
     dim RowIndex as integer = GridView1.SelectedIndex
     Ctype(GridView1.FooterRow.FindControl("NameOfUrLabel"), Label).text  = _
     Ctype(GridView1.Rows(RowIndex).Cell(1).FindControl("Lable1"), Label).text 
     ' that last control name is whatever is in your item template
end sub
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Can I do this on page load since the data is already in the gridview1.rows Label3?

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But how would you know it was selected by the user? I thought you said that when the user selectes it that when you want to put in the footer.  Even though you can get at SelectedIndex there is the change it is not valid!  You would need

if isPostback then

     'do it here


But even this will not gurantee that you have a selectedIndex.  Remember you want to have the click anywhere on the row and expect selected index to change well that will not happen.  So you need to think of how and when selectedindex is valid.


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Thank you for your guidance,

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