How to add dynamic row in between 2 existing rows in datagrid?

Is this possible to add dynamic rows in middle of the rows in datagrid?

I want to find net total like this

PNo   SNo  status  day1  day 2  day3
001     S01   Pack   10     30      20
                    Used   05     01      20
001     S02   Pack   20     10      10
                    Used   10     05      10              ' above from database

           Total  Pack    30   40       30
                     Used   15   06       30                'these 2 rows i want to add dynamicly.  IS this possible?

002     S01   Pack   15     35      25
                    Used   06     05      25
002     S02   Pack   20     10      10
                    Used   10     05      10              ' above from databas

Millions of thanks in advance

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