How to access datagrid template column textbox text in

I just want to access text from datagrid template column textbox,any one who knows solutions or suggestions(through codes), pls share it.Thanks in advance.

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 to access text from template column textbox... use FindControl() method... for Ex.,

Label1.Text = ((TextBox)GridView1.Rows[0].Cell[0].FindControl("txtTextBox")).Text; //assuming that First Column; cells[0] is the TextBox Column... the code will retrieve text from first column textbox of the first row and assign to label...

you can refer to this link also.. 

Control.FindControl Method (String) (System.Web.UI)



in vb: Label1.Text = (CType(GridView1.Rows(0).Cell(0).FindControl("txtTextBox"), TextBox)).Text 


hope it helps./. 

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I just want to access text from datagrid template column textbox,any one who knows solutions or suggestions(through codes),

You can use findcotnrol method.

for example

Dim txtValue as string=CType(DataGrid1.Items(index).FindControl("TextBoxID"),TextBox).Text


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ImranKhan pathan
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I apologise, what i wanted is actually,

In Datagrid template column cell from which i want to access text has a textbox as well as a button in same cell(for browsing and selecting a file whose path will be displayed in the textbox) and its control id is inputfile.

But i want to access only filename(viz.not whole path) from textbox and store it in database.

Your code would have definitely worked for a template column having only textbox in the cell.

For my above requirement, if u have any solution or suggestion,then pls share it.Thanks in advance. 


1/24/2008 12:44:31 PM


The template name is uploadedFile(not input file).I want to access file name alone from the textbox and not the whole path.Pls reply asap.Thanks.
1/24/2008 1:13:54 PM


are u using file upload control?

if yes then
Here are some useful properties:-

FileUpload1.FileName :- Will give File Name with the full Path.
FileUpload1.PostedFile.FileName :- Will give only the file name.
FileUpload1.PostedFile.ContentLength :- will give size of the file in Bytes.
FileUpload1.PostedFile.ContentType :- will give MIME type of uploaded file, i.e. "image/gif".

(Assuming the Control ID Name is FileUpload1)


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1/24/2008 1:20:03 PM

I want to access file name alone from the textbox and not the whole path.

to get the filename, 

string strFullPath = CType(GridView1.Rows(0).Cell(0).FindControl("txtTextBox"), TextBox).Text

string strFileName =  strFullPath.SubString(strFullPath.LastIndexOf("\") + 1)

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 Check this 


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