How do we traverse through the records row-by-row in a database?

Hi guys,

I used a CurrencyManager in a windows form to traverse row-by-row on the records in a database. Can anyone help me out in using a similar feature in to traverse through the records row by row. Is there any in-built feature? I tried using a dataset to traverse through but I think it might be better to use an in-built feature as te code used in it might be optimised.


Karthik Muthuswamy
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3/4/2008 3:12:44 AM 72751 articles. 3 followers. Follow

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Did you try using a gridview??

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-- Randy
3/4/2008 3:35:11 AM

If you want to traverse row by row in the database itself use a curser. If youwant to do it in the dot net, then u can use dataset or a datareader to read rows and work on one row at a time


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3/4/2008 3:35:12 AM

vik2000in: But isnt there a feature like CurrencyManager, I think using a datareader or a dataset would not be good when the performance comes into place.

ratkinso: Am using textboxes and dropdownlists to traverse through the records one by one. Am using a datagrid in a separate page as gridview is available only in 2.0.

Is there an alternative to CurrencyManager in ASP.Net?

Thanks for the replies.

Karthik Muthuswamy
Programmer Analyst
3/4/2008 3:55:02 AM

In that case I would normally use a datareader....  sorry I don't have a better answer for you.

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-- Randy
3/4/2008 1:10:38 PM
Thanks anyways ratkinso. I still used a datareader and it still worked.
Karthik Muthuswamy
Programmer Analyst
3/4/2008 1:32:04 PM

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