how cani save and retrive images from mysql

hi iam looking for some guidance that how cani save abd retrive images from mysql on formview  



anwar khan

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 This is an article for ms sqlserver , and you need a little modifications to the code ,

Instead of using System.Data.SqlClient classes , use System.Data.Oledb or system.Dat.ODBC classes 

for example , intead of 






Anas Ghanem.

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thx for the reply it was really helpful foe me but the problem is that i have to show that image into the image control not on the new page through response.write any idea how can i get image into image control from data base.




6/23/2008 3:32:25 PM

have to show that image into the image control not on the new page through response.write any idea how can i get image into image control from data base

you must have a separate page ( or handler) which will add the image stream to the response , then your image must point to that page ,

For example , instead of directly specifying the image url , you need to use that page for ImageUrl 

<asp:Image ImageUrl="ImageGrabber.aspx"  .....

Where ImageGrabber.aspx is the page that is responsible to read the image from database and add it to the response .

Please read the ImageGrabber section which is in  the article that i mentioned in my previous post .



Anas Ghanem.

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