Gridview Rows Backcolor getting reset when selecting a row

I have a list of rows in my gridview that list one or more entries per date.  I have coded the RowDataBound event so that all of the rows for a given date have the same backcolor.  Day 1 is white, Day 2 is yellow, Day 3 is white, day 4 is yellow - where each day could have multiple rows. 

On each row, I also have an Edit imagebutton that allows each row to be edited via a separate panel and not in-line grid editing.  When I click on the Edit imagebutton, I set the gridviews selectedindex to that row and then using the skin for the grid, the selected row backcolor changes color. However then, all of the other rows lose the backcolor I set programmatically in the RowDataBound event.

Is there anyway of preserving the backcolor I set in the RowDataBound when I programmatically set the selectedindex of the grid?  I'm not seeing any solutions really except to rebind the grid which I could probably live with since it is a small amount of data beign returned everytime but I was hopeing for a more elegant solution. 


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 I agree with rebinding. That's what I have to do with customization in the gridview. - Free Technical Videos!
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