Gridview control removing consecutive spaces in column output

 Hi, i am using a simple GridView to retrieve data from a SQL view, and if there are consecutive spaces in the string in a particular column, something (asp?) is removing the 2nd space, and then the output has only 1 space, which is incorrect for this string.

 Interestingly, if I retrieve the same column with a specific select statement in a code behind file, and then output it via either response.write, or in a text box, it does the same thing.   I have debugged while doing this and in the Autos window, the string is correct (with two consecutive spaces), then when it is output to the aspx page, it has only 1 space.

example in SQL column:  ECPATE  0960133L2200100763LAXMI33690849007723 does this to it:     ECPATE 0960133L2200100763LAXMI33690849007723

Notice there is only 1 space after "ECPATE"  where there are two in SQL Server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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It is not grid view which is removing consecutive spaces, it is the browser. Browsers are designed like that to save more space, so it displays only first empty space. To fix this problem use either use pre tag like this <pre>your string     with space </pre> Or replace blank space with &nbsp; symbol

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Thanks, that makes sense.  However, where would I put the <pre> tag in the .aspx file when using a gridview?    I tried putting it before the <asp:Gridview ID=  section - which certainly changed the formatting, but did not resolve the spacing issue within the returned column value.   Visual Studio gives an error if you try to put <pre> anywhere in the <Columns> section, or immediately before and afterwards..  and I cannot insert the &nbsp symbol in the middle of a returned column value, or at least I don't know how.

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Oh for that you need to create a template field

                        <pre><%# Eval("myColumn")%></pre>

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