GridView child of GridView - How to get value of a Template Control in the Child GridView

I have a Parent GridView and when you click in the Edit one of the columns has a Template Field which has a Child GridView. When you click Edit on the Child GridView I have a Template Field that has a TextBox. How to I retreive this value of the TextBox?

-- GridViewChild (Edit - Template Field containing this GridViewChild)
----- TextBox inside Template Field in GridViewChild.

Thank you.

Peace in Christ
Marco Napoli
1/21/2007 3:52:05 AM 72751 articles. 3 followers. Follow

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What you can do as a solution is to override the RowDataBound and try to find the child GridView control. Once you get a reference to it, you can simply access any column inside the child grid.

Does this help?


Bilal Hadiar, MCP, MCTS, MCPD, MCT
Microsoft MVP - Telerik MVP
1/21/2007 5:30:14 PM

Good idea to retreive value from RowDataBound, my problem is that the Child GridView is composed of 3 Template fields which are TextBoxes in the Item Template. This gives the impression that the Child GridView all rows are Editable. The rows in the GridView are rows that do not yet exist in the SQL Server DB. But I need the users to enter all rows then I will have some code at the end that will loop through rows and inserted in DB.

Because of the above, how would you automatically get the RowDataBound to be called every time the user tabs to the next row since there is no Edit Command Botton?

Thank you.

Peace in Christ
Marco Napoli
1/21/2007 7:31:09 PM
Ps: Or if you click on a TextBox in the Child GridView, is there a way to call or invoice the Select Command so that row index is now selected?
Peace in Christ
Marco Napoli
1/21/2007 9:03:26 PM

Hi, I managed to get the value of a label control within a ChildGridview.

  1. ChildGridView_RowDataBound - assigns the rowindex to selectbutton.commandArgument property in each row.
  2. ChildGridView_RowCommand - the selectbutton finds a label in the ChildGridView using the rowindex from the commandArgument

Protected Sub ChildGridView_RowDataBound(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridViewRowEventArgs)
        Dim selectbutton As LinkButton
        selectbutton = CType(e.Row.FindControl("selectbutton"), LinkButton)
        If selectbutton IsNot Nothing Then
            selectbutton.CommandArgument = e.Row.RowIndex.ToString
        End If
    End Sub 

    Protected Sub ChildGridView_RowCommand(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridViewCommandEventArgs)

        If e.CommandName = "Select" Then
            gridviewchild = CType(sender, GridView)
            Dim rowIndex As Integer = Convert.ToInt32(e.CommandArgument)
            Dim label3 As Label = DirectCast(gridviewchild.Rows(rowIndex).FindControl("label3"), Label)
        End If
    End Sub


2/10/2007 9:36:01 AM

Thank you for your sample code I appreciate it.

Unfortunately the Child GridView use Template Fields in order to make all rows editable. When the user is tabbing through the TextBoxes I am trying to find the value of the row that I am on. But since no Row event is fired at this point, this is where my problem comes in finding the row index so I can get the value the user just entered. I use this value to calculate the next field.



Peace in Christ
Marco Napoli
2/16/2007 1:54:21 AM

You can find the row by using the GridViewRow = (GridViewRow)Sender.Parent.Parent;
2/16/2007 2:11:48 AM
Oops, I missed the part where you said there is no button or event.. I can't think of how you could do it with no event. I suppose you could loop through the entire grid and values to see if there were any changes
2/16/2007 2:43:27 AM
Events will fire if you declaritively assign  the events to the data controls ie. <asp:datalist onitemcommand="datalist1_itemCommand" ... you must do this on both parent and nested data controls in order to assign the correct method to the data control event. From the itemcommand (in either parent or nested data control) you can acces child controls via the e.item.findcontrol("itemID")  See an example below.


 Public WithEvents datalist1 As DataList

    Protected Sub DetailsView1_DataBound(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles DetailsView1.DataBound
        If DetailsView1.PageCount = 0 Then

        End If

    End Sub

    Protected Sub DetailsView1_ItemCommand(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.DetailsViewCommandEventArgs)

    End Sub

    Protected Sub datalist1_ItemCommand(ByVal source As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataListCommandEventArgs) 
        Select Case e.CommandName
            Case "UpdateArea"
                SqlAreas.UpdateParameters("area").DefaultValue = CType(e.Item.FindControl("TextBox2"), TextBox).Text
                SqlAreas.UpdateParameters("id").DefaultValue = e.CommandArgument
                datalist1.EditItemIndex = -1
            Case "deleteArea"
                SqlAreas.DeleteParameters("id").DefaultValue = e.Item.ItemIndex
            Case "InsertArea"
                SqlAreas.InsertParameters("area").DefaultValue = CType(e.Item.FindControl("TextBox1"), TextBox).Text
            Case "CancelArea"
                datalist1.EditItemIndex = -1
            Case "EditArea"
                datalist1.EditItemIndex = e.Item.ItemIndex
        End Select
    End Sub

1/30/2009 5:00:39 AM

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