Grid view hiding columns and changing header text

Hi I have a web page where the columns displayed in a gridview depends on the settings in web config. I itterate through the columns and check the header text and if its the "name" of the value which is stored in web  config, it sets the visibility appropriately. I thought this was a pretty robust approach - if new columns were added, irrespective of postion, the displayed columns would still be those the user expected from web config. So the next request was that the header text was configuerable.... Ive searched the grid view for some sort of key on the columns (other than ordinal position) and cant see one. Anyone suggest a way forward?


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Besides the index such as grid.Columns[index] i don't think you can reference a column by name. Are you looking for a method to change or modify the header text or I am misunderstanding?

foreach (TemplateField TempField in grid.Columns)

       // logic to configure header text based on web config 

       if (TempField.HeaderText == "Test")


       TempField.HeaderText = "text";



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hi Pak

In part - I understand how to change the header text - but that means i loose the attribute I was keying to for visibility. I'm starting to think that dynamically loading the control is the only way. However that seems to loose a bunch of functionality in the IDE.  

2/26/2009 4:50:08 PM

Anything in design time can be done at runtime dynamically just remember that.

This is just me, but if you're able to have any access to your database (if you're using one) I'd recommend storing columns in the database and dynamically generating the grid that way. The web.config shouldn't be used for this purpose.

Look into dynamically generating gridview


2/26/2009 5:00:30 PM

Hi Pak - thanks for the thought, the vast majority and all web access is done via stored procs - all 3500 of them. So yes there is "a" db involved - not unusually with 3GB data from 5-8 years of operations. I would be very reluctant to forego the security of only granting  permissions to selected stored procs to granting select on tables and the like to the web user = authenticated or not..  

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