Getting textbox value when all rows in edit mode

Hi There,

I'm currently writing a small shopping cart for a site of mine. All rows are in edit mode so that a user can enter the qty's he/she desires and the click submit.
I have an autopostback on the text box so that every time a value is changed, I return to the server to recalc the totals.
The datagrid is defined as below (the text box in question is QUANTITY) :

<form runat="Server">
<asp:DataGrid id="BuyNowGrid" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" HorizontalAlign="Center">
<FooterStyle borderstyle="None"></FooterStyle>
<asp:BoundColumn HeaderText="BoxImage"></asp:BoundColumn>
<asp:BoundColumn DataField="Description" ReadOnly="True" HeaderText="Description">
<HeaderStyle width="300px"></HeaderStyle>
<asp:TemplateColumn HeaderText="Quantity">
<HeaderStyle horizontalalign="Center" width="50px"></HeaderStyle>
<asp:TextBox id="Quantity" OnTextChanged="Quantity_TextChanged" AutoPostBack="True" runat="server" Width= "50px"></asp:TextBox>
<asp:BoundColumn DataField="Price" ReadOnly="True" HeaderText="Price" DataFormatString="${0:0.00}">
<HeaderStyle horizontalalign="Right" width="70px"></HeaderStyle>
<ItemStyle horizontalalign="Right"></ItemStyle>
<asp:BoundColumn DataField="Total" HeaderText="Total" DataFormatString="${0:0.00}">
<HeaderStyle horizontalalign="Right" width="70px"></HeaderStyle>
<ItemStyle horizontalalign="Right"></ItemStyle>

Now, I've made a little test thus :

Sub Quantity_TextChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
Dim itm As DataGridItem
For each itm IN BuyNowGrid.Items
response.write ("[")
response.write (itm.cells(1).Text)
response.write ("] [")
response.write (itm.cells(2).Text)
response.write ("]<br>")
End Sub

I know the cols start at zero, I've just not bothered column 0 for the test as its emtpy anyway. I get three lines printed out (one for each DB entry). Cell 1 - Description is shown, but not the value out of cell 2.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Hiya Again.

Well after a day of faffing around trying out various ideas, I've managed to crack it myself. So for anyone else who hits this problem, please see the code below (in relation to my previous post.

Sub Quantity_TextChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
Dim itm As DataGridItem
Dim tb As TextBox
For each itm IN BuyNowGrid.Items
response.write ("[")
response.write (itm.cells(1).Text)
response.write ("] [")
tb = Itm.FindControl("Quantity")
response.write (tb.text)
response.write ("]<br>")
End Sub

I feel kinda good now ;-).
9/18/2003 9:12:12 AM

Appreciate if you could shed some lights :
Me as well trying to desgin a Shopping Cart. Have some logical problem on designing. I'm not sure where to store the items that user selected to 'Cart'
Shall we store the Item which user selected into a "Cart" in the physcial table !. Or shall we keep in "DataTable" of the dataset.
How did u manged to do this. Aprpeciate if you could share some sample code.

9/27/2003 9:59:26 AM
Hi There,

My 'shopping cart' does not use the ADD TO CART scenario. When someone clicks on buy now, I go to a list with all the products (max of 6) and put a qty of 1 in the product where the BUY NOW came from.
The user may then change this, and put qty's in the other products if he/she wishes to buy more than one thing.
For me it's easy as there will only ever be a small number of products.
However, all that being said, the 'standard' way of doing things is to store what the customer has ordered in client side cookies.
9/29/2003 9:06:45 AM
Thanks for your reply..

I have an idea, pls advise if it's good logic.
Whatever user added to "cart", I would like to maintain those details (i.e ProdID and Qty) in a session Array(). Upon the confrimatin of Order by user, his/her order will be transfered from Session Array() to databse tabele.
Is it good logic !!!. Pls advise..
9/29/2003 9:56:22 AM

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