Getting row number from SelectedIndexChanged??


now, I have 2 template columns, the first is a hyperlink column that consist of userno, the next is the gender which is represented by a radiobuttonlist.
The radiobuttonlist fire up a method when somebody clicks on or change the selected one:

Protected Sub SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
Dim objItem As DataGridItem
Response.Write(CType(DataGrid1.Items.Item(DataGrid1.SelectedIndex).FindControl("hl_oNo"), HyperLink))
End Sub

I need to read the userno from the hyperlink column so that the datagrid knows which userno's gender to update. Hence, I tried to do a response.write so as to try getting the userno from the column. However, it returns an error:
The index is out of range.
I tried replacing selectedIndex to EditItemIndex, but same error appears. I did a response.write of the SelectedIndex, and it is actually -1 for every row.
Next, I tried this:
But, this time, the compiler immediately says that Item couldn't be found inside "e". I think the "e" should be DataGridCommandEventArgs for this line to work. However, I can't change the e of SelectedIndexChanged method, neither can I add another one more argument to the method signature. So, any ideas please?
Any help is greatly appreciated!
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your Hyperlink fires the DataGrids ItemCommand, thats what you need to evaluate, just like shown in the postings here (descriped with a DDL, but the schema is the same).
10/9/2004 4:35:46 PM
sorry, not the hyperlink fires, the rbl does - the schema is still the same ;)

10/9/2004 5:56:54 PM
okok, but since the hyperlink "fires" the item command, i can't use it.

because my SelectedIndexChanged subroutine has to sort of be able to access the text of the hyperlink column, which is my order number. the hyperlink "fires" the item command only when it is clicked right? In my case, it's not clicked. It is the checkbox which is clicked.
CType(DataGrid1.Items.Item(DataGrid1.SelectedIndex).FindControl("hl_oNo"), HyperLink)

can only seem to access every row of my hyperlink's text values. Any idea please?
Thanx again.
10/11/2004 12:57:17 AM

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