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I have a datagrid with 6 columns. I am trying to retrieve the value of a column and pass it to a variable. I am not sure what I doing wrong here since the code I am using is not pulling any value from the column.

 This is an example of what I am trying to do.


Dim column_value As String

column_value = DataGrid1.Items(0).Cells.Item(4).Text

Please correct me if I am wrong. 






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Use a GridView control instead, and access it like this: 

Dim column_value As String
columna_value = testGridView.Rows(0).Cells(0).Text


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static void Swap(ref int a, ref int b)
//Who said it can't be done without a temporary variable?
a = a ^ b;
b = a ^ b;
a = a ^ b;
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Thanks for responding...but can it not be done for a Datagrid?

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.but can it not be done for a Datagrid?

In DataGrid it should be something like:


Dim column_value As String
column_value = DataGrid1.Items(0).Cells(0).Text
'just changed the index of cells and items based on your requirements
You may also try to look at this article about: Accessing Different Controls inside the Datagrid


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Hi Vinz,

Thanks a lot for your help. The article that you mentioned was very helpful. I could finally retrieve the column value.






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