Get Row Number in Datagrid


I want to delete a databound row in a datagrid using the delete button on the datagrid. I have tried to use
Dim RowID As Integer = Convert.ToInt32(shOTQDataGrid1.Items.Item(CInt(e.Item.ItemIndex)))
to get the row number.
Dim SoqID As Label = CType(shOTQDataGrid1.Items(RowID).FindControl("SOQID"), Label)
I need to get the row number(e.g. 0). I search for the specific item "SOQID" and then use a custom Class to delete the record from the Database with the value of SoqID.Text.
Dim sh As New ShiftOvertimeQualifiersClass
Dim SoqID As Label = CType(shOTQDataGrid1.Items(RowID).FindControl("SOQID"), Label)

SOQID - DatagridItem
SoqID - Variable declared in VB to find the Datagrid Item.
I would appreciate any ideas or help.
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This is a problem i've also had ...

This is what i did:
Add a colomn with the SOQID in ... just a databound column and set it invisible ...
Now whenever a delete button is clicked catch the postback in the itemcommand (or deletecommand) event ...
Then you can get the cell property from the datagrid (ie e.Item.Cells[0].text) and use that vakue to delete in the database ...
Verhoeven Bart


Technical Project Leader
1/19/2004 12:45:04 PM
Thanks Foefie,

I found a way to get the row number. This is done on the Delete Click event in the datagrid.
Dim RowID As Integer = CInt(e.Item.ItemIndex)
Dim SoqID As Label = CType(shBreakDataGrid1.Items(RowID).FindControl("SOQD")_
, Label)
1/21/2004 8:51:37 AM
If you set your DataKeyField to your ID field

e.g. OrdersGrid.DataKeyField = "CustomerOrderID"
Then you can get that ID for the row selected in your delete command like this:
Dim orderID As String = OrdersGrid.DataKeys(e.Item.ItemIndex)

1/21/2004 10:08:43 AM
Thanks icSimon for your reply!!
1/22/2004 9:16:06 AM

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