Get DateTime form Access Database

Hi All,

I have created an Access Database to control Selected Days from Calendar control.
The user can type two Dates in two different Textboxes( Date from - Date to).
With insert() method I can insert selected days in access database named "mydates".
How can I get these Dates which are allready recorded in Database(mydates) and compare them with currently selected dates from another user? The goal is, that the following user should not be able to select the same date range, which has already been selected by a previous user.
Any help will be highly appreciated!
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Bind you calendar control to the database table which maintains the days anddo not let the user even select the days which have already been selected. This works really well.

Shravan Addaypally MCP

3/15/2005 10:07:55 PM
How can I do this? I would be glad if you could give me some more information about binding a calendar to a Database Table?

Best regards
3/16/2005 12:59:29 PM

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