get data from Gridview in one page to textboxes in another page.


here iam having Gridview in one page .it is binded to some data.

I used querystring to transfer data from Gridview to Textboxes in next page.

now my question is i want to edit the textboxes and make changes reflect in database.

i edited the textboxes by just deleting the value in Textbox and entering new value.

but The changes i made to textboxes are not reflected at runtime.When i debug the code

The values in TextBox are previous values. The changed values are not reflected.because of that iam not able to update the database.

Is there property for textbox to take place the changes i made at runtime.

please someone help me. 

Thankyou very much. 


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void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
// assign query string value in textbox here

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