FormView Paging Challenge: Get multiple rows out of one row using parsing.

I have a database which returns Articles, one row per Article.


Each article has multiple fields,

ID, Title, Subtitle, Summary, Text etc.

I return the row from an ObjectDataSource which uses a stored procedure on a SQL Box.

Inside the "TEXT" field, there is text -  [NEWPAGE] wherever a new page should start.

 eg. Content Content This is Content This is Content This is Content This is Content This is Content Content Content Content Content Content

This is Content  This is Content This is Content This is Content This is Content This is Content


This is Content  This is Content This is Content This is Content This is Content This is Content This is Content This is Content

I want to use the FormView's paging but it relies on multiple rows.  How can I take that one Row of data, parse the "text" field for [NEWPAGE] and return a dataset of multiple rows?

Perhaps i'm going about this wrong way, but has anyone got any ideas?

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I'm thinking I didn't make the question clear enough, so I'm going to rewrite it.

Basically, for Paging to work in the FormView it needs to have a DataSource with more than one record (ie. One record / page)

Unfortunately, my dataSource returns ONE record, with the text [NEWPAGE] interspersed in the ArticleText field.

Is there a way, either in SQL or in the Data Object that I can make that one record into multiple records.

I know that means I have to parse for [NEWPAGE] and make three records, but I have no idea how I'm going to do that.


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  I think there're many ways. If you like, you can use ObjectDataSouce and write the custom select method to get this record and split it into pieces and return a new DataTable or ArrayList. To get started, refer to this tutorial:

  You can also do this directly (in Page_Load, maybe) and bind the new DataTable or ArrayList to the FormView.

  Another totally different method is not to change the DataSource but write custom paging. You can add some LinkButtons and set their CommandName then handle the event in code behind. And in the First PreRender, you should change the appearance to envisible other fields.

If it doesn't help, please inform us.


Allen Chen
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Thanks! I'm going to take a look at those solutions... for now, I was pulling the data into a datarow and I created a method in my utility class that take a datarow as input and outputs a table of multiple rows, based on the parsed data.


so my signature looks like this:

public DataTable (DataRow dr, String columnName, String parseKey)

This seemed to work, but I have to handle paging manually, in the pagechanging event.

Thanks for the reply, I'll post my results here to help the community.


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Okay, so an update:

Here's what I did: 


  I have a method that returns a DataTable, I call it like this:
DataTable mySplitTable = getSplitTable(originalTableView.Table.Rows[0], "ArticleID", "ArticleText", "[NEWPAGE]");
 The getSplitTable requires the single row from the DataSource, The Primary Key, The fieldName you want to parse, and what you want to parse on.
    private DataTable getSplitTable(DataRow dr, string keyID, string columnName, string parseText)

        // make parseString UpperCase
        string[] stringSeparators = new string[] { parseText.ToUpper() };

        //Gets the Text you want to parse in passed field (columnName)
        String theText = dr[columnName].ToString();

        //replace all parseText in theText with UpperCase
	// This is a custom method to replace text.  In this case, I'm using it to replace any occurance of [newpage] with [NEWPAGE]
        theText = SiteUtil.Replace(theText, parseText, parseText.ToUpper());

        //Split Text and pass it to an array of pages
        String[] pages = theText.Split( stringSeparators, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries );

        // Copy the Table from the passed DataRow and put it into new table.
        DataTable splitTable = dr.Table.Clone();

        if (dr.IsNull(keyID))
		//return splitTable if it's null
            return splitTable;
            // Loop through the array of Strings (the split up Text) and set the columnName text 
            foreach (String page in pages)

                // define a new row in pagedTable
                DataRow newRow = splitTable.NewRow();

                //copy all the values from dr values Array
                newRow.ItemArray = dr.ItemArray;

                // write modified row to splitTable

        return splitTable;

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