FormView OnDataBound - how to access select record field values in code behind

Hi,   Can someone help me out here.  Maybe this is a dumb question but why does FormView OnDataBound not have RowEventArgs the same as RowDataBound on a GridView?  Without RowEventArgs how can I access the values of the fields in the selected record when the FormView OnDataBound is fired? Indifferent

 When the GridView RowDataBound fires before each row is rendered I can use


.Eval(e.Row.DataItem, "MyFieldNameHere").ToString()

and then happily work with the data, but Im finding the FormView a bit limiting as I cant get at the field values easily OnDataBound.  I have had to resort to adding the fields I want into the DataKeys and getting the values back from there - but that seems like a really messy workaround.  Is FormView really just for very simple, quick and easy 'mark-up' only style Results, Details systems?


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It seems like you can not access the data on the binding event.  Maybe because a form view will only display one record at a time, so you really wouldnt need to access it as it was being bound.  You could probably accomplish what you needed before binding.

I did notice, however, that the ItemInserting/Updating/Deleting events all have those special event handling parameters.

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You could use the DataItem property of the FormView


value = ((DataRowView)FormView1.DataItem)["fieldName"].ToString();

 Hope this helps.



11/12/2007 6:30:14 PM
Thanks so much for the DataItem tip.  I searched a lot before finding your post.  It's exactly what I was looking for.
10/16/2008 11:59:18 PM

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