Format numbers in formview so that decimal points line up

How do I format the numbers in a FormView control (and presumabaly in the other databound view controls) so that the decimal points line up? I'm displaying data using asp:label controls and for formatting I've used the curly bracket format with Eval:

Text='<%# Eval("ClearedBalance", "{0:n2}") %>'

Although this nicely presents numbers with a decimal point and two digits after the decimal point, everything is left justified, which means the decimal points don't line up if there are a mix of numbers less than ten, over ten, over a hundred etc. I can't find a way of right justifying the data in a label.

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What I usually do is add a regular html table to the formview and then move all of my labels and text boxes into the table cells.  I then use the alignment properties of the columns and rows to left or right justify my controls.  Provided that you have your label widths set to 0 or blank the labels should auto-grow to fit the text/numbers displayed.
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