dynamically adding columns to datagrid from sql statement


i have seen some of the datagrid samples in internet. In most of the cases the datagrid is bind to some table. But if i want to display the output of an sql query(contains select statement with n number of columns) in Datagrid, i can simply use AutogenerateColumns=true and populate the datagrid without having any bound columns. That is fine.

If i want to add some more extra columns like a checkbox column and an edit link button column i can do it using property builder. But,the problem is how can i order the columns in datagrid.

for example: 1st col: checkboxes
             2nd-4th col : from sql statemnt
             5th col : edit link button

Also how can i make a random column from sql statement to a hyperlink column.
i am using c# and asp.net 1.1

8/15/2006 3:50:18 PM
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You should set AutogenerateColumns=false. Then you can use datagrid task to add columns and bind columns manually.

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