Dynamically adding column to GridView kills existing template columns

I have a gridview with two template columns that were added at design time.  Each template contains an Item template which just displays the value and an Edit Item template that provides a drop down list during editing.

 These columns work fine.

 I would like to add a simple display column that is added to (or removed from) the grid when a user checks (or unchecks) a checkbox.  I've done this by adding the following code to my page_load rountine:

if (chkAddFieldOffice.Checked)//


BoundField NewField = new BoundField();

NewField.DataField = "FIELD_OFFICE";

NewField.SortExpression = "FIELD_OFFICE";

NewField.HeaderText = "FIELD OFFICE";

NewField.ShowHeader = false;

NewField.ReadOnly = true;

NewField.Visible = true;

grdWellNotes.Columns.Insert(0, NewField);


 The new column is added OK, and everything looks good until you refresh the screen again, then the template fields are blanked out.

 Any ideas?

Thanks, Mike Williams

Chesapeake Energy.


6/13/2008 6:10:33 PM
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Hi zmlw3,

It is a common mistake. You have to create column after every postback action, because these columns are created dynamcally which means they need to rebuild and rebind after postback. I suggest you can create them in a function, so everytime postback you just call it again.


Qin Dian Tang
Microsoft Online Community Support

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6/18/2008 6:34:29 AM

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