Dropdownlist not posting back selected values.

My data base looks like this. My dropdownlist has the vacancy_num as the DataTextField and  description as DataValueField. If I select a vacancy_num and do a post back to place the 'description' name as a label using the DataValueField for the value, The vacancy_num ALWAYS selects the first vacancy_num in the sequence.

Example: I choose B1000/2. Postback returns B1000/1. I choose B4000/3, postback returns B4000/1. Why does it not keep the value I selected?? I have noticed that if I replace the DataValueField to point to the vacancy_num it works fine. But then I don't have a description. I am using a SqlDataSource. Please Help me.

vacancy_num                                        description                                       
------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

B1000/1                                            BD Northern England
B1000/2                                            BD Northern England
B4000/1                                            BD West Midlands & Cheshire
B4000/2                                            BD West Midlands & Cheshire
B4000/3                                            BD West Midlands & Cheshire
B7000/1                                            BD N London & E Anglia
H1335/1                                            Client Services
L2221/1                                            Progress to Work/Linkup Berkshire

2/15/2006 12:13:58 PM
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When dropdownlist have duplicate DataValueField , it will always select the first one.

One of  solving this is use index while loading dropdownlist

DropDownList1.Items.Insert(2,new ListItem("DataTextField ","DataValueField"));


here "2" is the index..

You can access DataTextField by using Selected Index.

Other way is instead of SlectedValue , choose SelectedText



Hope it helps..


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