DetailsView: conditionally hide field if value == null, but can't update the value of other fields


I need help please.

I have made some fields hidden if their value is null by setting visible to false on the DetailsView1_Itemcreated event. I put the field's to the DataKeyNames, so that I can check the value is null or not when detailsview is at the readOnly mode.

But, when I tried to edit, it throws an error: must declare a scalar for @...  so, i add some code in the DetailsView1_ItemUpdating: e.newValues["color"] = null; then the error is gone. but, the values for other fields are not updated.

I already check the e.newValues["other fields"] , they all are updated. but, procedure doesn't seems to call them?  I'm using SQLDataSource.

It's weird because when all fields appears (no hidden fields) , the update procedure works. And also, for insertion in both cases (there is hidden fields, or no hidden fields), the insertion procedure works, too.  


I'm really confused now, I've searched on the internet for solution, but they are not really what I'm looking for.  

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How about modifying your select to not include nulls.  Do you have to display those columns or rows if the key values are null.

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9/12/2008 2:57:00 AM

Yes, I have to show the other fields, even if one field is null. 


Data 1: 

Name: evo

Last Name: prototype 

(hobby == null, so visible= false)

Class taking now: CS

Data 2:

Name: evo2

Last Name: prototype2

Hobby: basketball 

 Class taking now: art


now, I can't update the value for "class taking now" for data 1, but for data 2 it works. and for insertion it works too for both. just because I made it hidden, the update procedure is corrupted? 

9/12/2008 2:22:37 PM

 is it because I use ConflictDetection="CompareAllValues" on the SQLDataSource ?

How can I update the row if one of the fields' value is null?  how do you fixed "must declare a scalar for @..." error correctly?


Please help.

9/12/2008 5:14:57 PM

I have figured it out. how to update it, even though I think it's kind of risky.

so basically, from this thread:

I modified the UPDATE procedure:


UpdateCommand="UPDATE [Table] SET [ID] = @ID, [name] = @name, [lastname] = @lastname, [hobby] = @hobby WHERE [ID] = @original_ID AND [name] = @original_name AND [lastname] = @original_lastname AND [hobby] = @original_hobby"


UpdateCommand="UPDATE [Table] SET [ID] = @ID, [name] = @name, [lastname] = @lastname, [hobby] = @hobby WHERE [ID] = @original_ID AND [name] = @original_name AND [lastname] = @original_lastname"


I'm guessing because when [hobby] = @original_hobby -->  [hobby] = null -> this cause the problem. I don't know else how to fix this, and I know it's kind of risky for conflict, but I guess ID is the determination to not be conflict.

If anyone know better solution, please let me know, Thank you.



9/12/2008 5:49:16 PM

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