datagrid with a headers header row

I am using a datagrid and I have all the rows and then a header row explaining each column, but I want a row above that as part of the table explaining the table.
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Can you explain more clearly what you want?
6/23/2004 12:49:06 PM

A normal datagrid has the data fields and the header fields where the header fields are a one to one correlation to the data fields and are used to descibe the data fields.
That is perfect as well, but I want to put a title on the datagrid above the header fields to use a couple of words to describe the table itself. There will be several datagrids on the page so this just makes it easier for people to understand.

6/23/2004 2:51:08 PM
Just drop a table on top of the datagrid ... explaining what the grid is all about.  I'd use the grid layout in the document properties to align the table directly ontop the grid.  Hope that helps.
6/23/2004 7:07:56 PM
Create a usercontrol with a label and datagrid. 

Position the label just above the datagrid. Use CSS or styles to apply fonts to the label.
Expose a property in the user control and set the text property of the label to this property.
Drop the usercontrol on a page and set the exposed property to any string u want to display in the label.
This design allows for many more modifications later.
6/24/2004 12:03:42 AM

Thanks for your replies. You sparked a real simple idea.
I am putting a table around the datagrid. This table has 2 rows, the first being the header and the second being the datagrid.
Problem solved!
6/24/2004 10:46:12 AM

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