Datagrid Dynamic Template Columns with a Data-Driven User Control


I am writing a dynamic datagrid that contains X number of columns. The columns are of type Template. Each cell contains a Web user control (which is a database-driven dropdown list). The problem I am having is that when I dynamically create the colum I have to data-bind the dropdown list and apperently it does not it exists. The Web user control works like a champ if I call it directly from another page.
This is the error:
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Public Sub Load_List()
Line 44:
Line 45: Histopathology_Values_List.DataSource = DM.Get_DataReader "LP1_Get_Histopathology_Values", Session("LoginID"), Session("User_pwd"))
The code that initiates the creation is:

For Looper = 1 To A_Columns
Dim NewCol As New TemplateColumn
NewCol.ItemTemplate = New Histopathology_Value_Template(ListItemType.Item, Looper.ToString, 1)
NewCol.HeaderTemplate = New Histopathology_Value_Template(ListItemType.Header, Looper.ToString, 1)

The Template Class is:
Sub New(ByVal type As ListItemType, ByVal ColName As String, ByVal IValue As Integer)
templateType = type
columnName = ColName
InitialValue = IValue
End Sub
Public Sub InstantiateIn(ByVal container As System.Web.UI.Control) Implements System.Web.UI.ITemplate.InstantiateIn
Dim lc As New Literal
Select Case templateType
Case ListItemType.Header
lc.Text = "" & columnName & ""
Case ListItemType.Item
Dim Histopathology_Values_List As New UC_Histopathology_Values_list
Histopathology_Values_List.Histopathology_Value = 1
************* Call is made here ***********
************* Call is made here ***********
End Select
End Sub
My user control is (nutshell):
Public Sub Load_List()
***** It breaks here *****
Histopathology_Values_List.DataSource = DM.Get_DataReader
("LP1_Get_Histopathology_Values", Session("LoginID"), Session("User_pwd"))
Histopathology_Values_List.DataTextField = "Histopathology_Value"
Histopathology_Values_List.DataValueField = "Histopathology_Value_ID"
Histopathology_Values_List.Items.Insert(0, "NR")
If Histopathology_Value = 0 Then
Histopathology_Values_List.SelectedIndex = 0
Histopathology_Values_List.SelectedIndex = Histopathology_Values_List.Items.IndexOf(Histopathology_Values_List.Items.FindByValue(Histopathology_Value))
End If

End Sub

Thank you in advance

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I think you problem stems from the fact that when your usercontrol is being created inside the datagrid, the DM object is not in scope and that is the source of your error.

What you should do is give your user control a property of type DM, and set that in the OnItemDataBound event from the datagrid.
The user control I suspect is fine, since it works in a standalone fashion, but you are having a scope problem inside the datagrid.
12/9/2003 1:48:50 AM
Thank you for your response. However, I thought that was the problem as well and got rid off the DM and created a DS using the DM and then set the datasdource to the new DS and still the problem persists. It does not know the dropdown list. If I do not call the load list it does not crash, but when I see the code behind, there are no ddl rendered.

12/9/2003 4:37:26 PM
I just wanted to close this thread with the answer.

Point 1. You cannot recursively instantiate
In the InstantiateIn class I added the following addhandler to the bottom
Public Sub InstantiateIn(ByVal container As System.Web.UI.Control) Implements System.Web.UI.ITemplate.InstantiateIn
Case ListItemType.Item
Dim Local_Histopathology_Values_List As New DropDownList
AddHandler Local_Histopathology_Values_List.DataBinding, AddressOf TemplateControl_DataBinding

End Sub
Private Sub TemplateControl_DataBinding(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
Dim Local_Histopathology_Values_List As DropDownList
Dim container As DataGridItem
Local_Histopathology_Values_List = CType(sender, DropDownList)
Local_Histopathology_Values_List.DataSource = vHistopathology_Values.DataSource
Local_Histopathology_Values_List.DataTextField = vHistopathology_Values.DataTextField
Local_Histopathology_Values_List.DataValueField = vHistopathology_Values.DataValueField
Local_Histopathology_Values_List.Enabled = EditingMode
container = CType(Local_Histopathology_Values_List.NamingContainer, DataGridItem)
If DataBinder.Eval(container.DataItem, columnHeader) Is DBNull.Value Then
Local_Histopathology_Values_List.SelectedIndex = 0
Local_Histopathology_Values_List.SelectedIndex = Int32.Parse(DataBinder.Eval(container.DataItem, columnHeader))
End If
End Sub
Point 2
Just by adding the addhandler would cause another problem: unable to fieldcount. In order to save this one, I changed from a datareader to a dataset (DM.Get_Dataset(.....
12/15/2003 7:58:14 PM

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