Creating Dynamic Controls in Gridview Columns

I need a gridview that needs to show information about a product and show information about this product. In the gridview I also want to run a count of how many products there are. To do this I have used an sqldatasource to bind the select information that is about the product and then in the Gridview Databound event i use another sqldatasource to query the Count for each product and then attach to the last column. This all works fine and gets me the results. idont know if it is effecient but it works. I now want the count column to be clickable(ex..Button,linkbutton). When i click the count it will be bring me to a new page that will show different detail about the product. Such as the number sold during this month or today or to which customer. I can create a link button that will show the letter as the text its just i can't figure a way to keep the product in that rows product ID so that I can use it to query on the new page. I may be going about this all wrong. Any ideas would be great. Can I do this with one sqldatasource? Can i make the linkbutton kick off the gridview onselected change event so that I can get the values there. Thanks any help is apperciated. 


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Do you have to using two sqldatasource?

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I dont know anyother way of bring back the second query? For example I have a query that says "Select * From ProductsTable Where productID ='?'", then the second sqldatasource uses "Select Count(Products) From ProductsTable Where SoldDate < Today and SoldDate > two days ago". This is a hypothetical query because the actual one has multiple joins. Is there another way to do this without using two? I thought maybe I could bring the values back from both tables and then push them into a dataset or datatable then databind it to a datagrid but that would still leave me with my problem of not being able to turn the count field into a link to another page where it would carry that rows values to the next page for me to use? Any ideas on that? 

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Just a quick update I stumbled upon using subqueries to get the results I wanted from one query which means one sqldatasource. Now I guess the question is how do I make the column a hyperlink or just clickable and send me to another page and bring the data from that row with me across pages. Is there an event for the click and if so how do I use the session state to retain the values. Thanks!

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Just a quick update I stumbled upon using subqueries to get the results I wanted from one query which means one sqldatasource. Now I guess the question is how do I make the column a hyperlink or just clickable and send me to another page and bring the data from that row with me across pages. Is there an event for the click and if so how do I use the session state to retain the values. Thanks!

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