Could anybody help me about How to Get the Cell value from Gridview Control while I use Mouse Click on one Cell?

Hi Sir,
    Here goes my question,I'v drag a Gridview control and binded data to it ,I'm thinking ,Can I get the value from the Cell which I used the mouse  to click on it ? Thanks for your kindly help.

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Edit Columns in the Smart Tag
then on the column use want to use click the "Convert to a Templated Field"

Now Click OK

Go back to smart tag, and Edit Templated field,
On the Field you want to change, Item Template, you delete the Label Field and add a HyperLink

When you add the hyperlink, a smart tag will appear asking you to "Edit DataBindings", click it.

Now choose your text field property.
Then choose your URL Property and write


Where "Folder" = your folder name
and detailspage.aspx = your details page

On the DetailsView or FormView, Make the SQLDataSource Where clause = Querystring , and Parameter = id

Thanks Scott
8/18/2005 12:53:22 PM
Firstly ,Thank u sir.
But this is not want I wanted.
My question is How can I get the Cell data from binded Gridview which could handle the MouseClick event?
The GridView which binded to a SqlDataSource will show us Columns and rows on the page ,I don't knwo which cell will be clicked by the remote user , I should handle the Click Event and get the clicked cell  value and make the cell editable (if the remote user clicked on a cell ) that is What I want to handle.

Thanks for ur help Scott,I'll try Template Field,Could anybody give me some other tips ?

8/19/2005 12:47:19 AM
Could anybody help me about that ?No one can give me any tips at all?
8/24/2005 1:03:53 AM

let me understand this you want it so that if anyone were to click a cell it would show a textbox in the cell that can be edited?

8/24/2005 9:42:35 AM

Yes sir,That 's it .Could u give me some tips ?


8/25/2005 4:33:10 AM

I'm thinking something alone the lines:

Every column in your gridview would have to be a template field that would have 2 controls. A hyperlink field and a Textbox. The text box's visibility is set to false.everytime someone clicks one of the hyperlink field you would have to find 2 things...the row and the column. once you have this you can make the textbox in that row and in that particular column visible.

- SH

8/25/2005 11:09:32 AM

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