code for Custom paging without using sqldatasource control and sql datasource control for gridview...........

 code for Custom paging without using sqldatasource control and sql datasource control for gridview...........

i need code for how to show all pagenumbers in gridview with custom paging in gridview..............

It is very urgent................................. 

T.Ashok Kumar
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 suppose that we have a table like this

CountryId  identity int

CountryTitle    nvarchar(50)

you can use this sql command for paging the data

USE [CyberOffice]
/****** Object:  StoredProcedure [dbo].[CountryGetListPaged]    Script Date: 09/17/2008 14:01:06 ******/

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[CountryGetListPaged]
    @PageSize int,
    @pageNumber int,
    @TotalPageCount int out
    @OrderBy VARCHAR(100) = NULL,
    @OrderByDirection VARCHAR(20) = 'D'
SET @OrderBy = COALESCE(@OrderBy,'CountryTitle')
SET @OrderByDirection = COALESCE(@OrderByDirection,'D')
IF LEN(@OrderByDirection) > 1  SET @OrderByDirection = UPPER(LEFT(@OrderByDirection,1))
Declare @recordCount int
Declare @StartId int
Declare @EndId int

SELECT @recordCount = Count(*) FROM [Country] 
IF (@PageSize <= 0)
    SELECT @PageSize = 20
SELECT @TotalPageCount = @recordCount / @PageSize + 1
IF (@pageNumber > @TotalPageCount)
    SELECT @pageNumber = 1
SELECT @StartId = (@PageNumber - 1) * @PageSize + 1
SELECT @EndId = @StartId + @PageSize -1

WITH PagedTable AS
CASE WHEN @OrderBy = 'CountryId' AND @OrderByDirection = 'D' THEN HelpTable.[CountryId] END DESC,CASE WHEN @OrderBy = 'CountryId' AND @OrderByDirection != 'D' THEN HelpTable.[CountryId] END,
CASE WHEN @OrderBy = 'CountryTitle' AND @OrderByDirection = 'D' THEN HelpTable.[CountryTitle] END DESC,CASE WHEN @OrderBy = 'CountryTitle' AND @OrderByDirection != 'D' THEN HelpTable.[CountryTitle] END
 )AS RowNumber ,
     [dbo].[Country] HelpTable
SELECT * FROM PagedTable WHERE RowNumber BETWEEN @StartId AND @EndId 
CASE WHEN @OrderBy = 'CountryId' AND @OrderByDirection = 'D' THEN PagedTable.[CountryId] END DESC,CASE WHEN @OrderBy = 'CountryId' AND @OrderByDirection != 'D' THEN PagedTable.[CountryId] END,
CASE WHEN @OrderBy = 'CountryTitle' AND @OrderByDirection = 'D' THEN PagedTable.[CountryTitle] END DESC,CASE WHEN @OrderBy = 'CountryTitle' AND @OrderByDirection != 'D' THEN PagedTable.[CountryTitle] END


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Hi Ashok,

Refer to these links and implement,




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