Changing DataGrid cells and child controls based on other cells values... having trouble

I am trying to examine the value of one cell, then disable other controls in the same row (in other cells) based on this. Basically if this cell = Yes or No, then disable a dropdown in another cell.

I have tried the ItemCreated and ItemDataBound and am intercepting the event.itemtype by
(ListItemType.Item and ListItemType.AlternatingItem) but it is telling me that value of this cell when i examine it is empty.
Should i wrap the value in a label or something? I have tried that as well but it doesnt work, the value is always empty when checking during these events but at render time the value is there of course.
Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
- rem


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I figured it out, i will have to get at the underlying dataItem and it's item array to compare the values at that time.... I got it working now. I am just curious about the event stages, at what point you can evaluate items prior to them rendering so you can change values or display on other items...

- rem


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3/19/2005 5:57:42 PM
in the ItemDataBind event, you can check the DataItem property of the Item and check the value that corresponds to the column that you wanted to check.
Wessam Zeidan
3/19/2005 6:00:56 PM

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