Change Header Text in the DataGrid on Selection.


I have a problem in inserting a combo box in to a Data grid Header which has an Img when click it has to display the Combobox for selection of the new column name.

I created a control which has a Span, Select box and an Img when clicks on the Img, it shows the select box for column selection and displays the column name in the span innertext.

But i am unable to use the same control for different columns as i used Div for hiding and displaying the combo box.

Can you please give me an idea on how to improve these sort of controls, which i can use mulitple times on the same webpage. Or if any link which has the similar controls is very much appreciated.


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Hi gvnspk ,

Based on my understanding , you want to dynamiclly change the columns of DataGird according to the selection in combobox.

So I highly recommand you to implements custom Templates . When user change the selection of combobox, clear the columns of DataGrid, create one new custom Template and add it into DataGrid's columns collection , and rebind the DataGrid.

Implementing Dynamic ItemTemplates

You said you have created one user control , and you want to reuse it . So I think you need to create one event for this user control , and when the select event of the combobox happens you can execute the event handler which is written in each page to change the Template I mentioned above .


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