Binding Multiple Rows to One DataGrid Column


I need to display the content of database columns a, b, c, d in one DataGrid row by inserting break line between them. Columns b, c and d are somethimes empty and I dont want to insert break line if they are empty. Can anyone please help me how to do this...

I have something like this so far.....

Dim Col1 As New BoundColumn

Col1.DataField = ("a") & ("b") ---> it doesnt work...




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 Zumbul wrote:

I need to display the content of database columns a, b, c, d in one DataGrid row by inserting break line between them

Can u please be more clear on this?? The mapping is not very clear as to displaying columns into 1 row. Did u mean that u wanted to merge the values of all the columns corresponding to each row in your database table into one row??

Shravan Addaypally MCP

5/10/2005 4:08:31 AM

Database looks like this

Col Col Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4
xData yData a b c d

I want to display it in DataGrid like this

Col_Header Col_Header Col1-4_Header
xData yData a

If Col3 aan Col4 are empty line break shouldn't be inserted.

Does this make it more clear?


5/10/2005 4:51:16 AM

You could do something like this below.

<asp:BoundColumn HeaderText="xData" DataField="xData"/>

<asp:BoundColumn HeaderText="yData" DataField="yData"/>

<asp:TemplateColumn HeaderText="Col1-4_Header">
        <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "a") %>
        <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "b") %>
        <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "c") %>
        <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "d") %>



Shravan Addaypally MCP

5/10/2005 5:37:10 AM
But if the column c and d are empty it will print <br> twice which I don't want.
5/10/2005 5:49:28 AM

<asp:TemplateColumn HeaderText="Col1-4_Header">

         <asp:Label id="lblStuff" Runat="server"></asp:label>


In code behind...

DataGrid_ItemDataBound(object sender, DataGridItemEventArgs e)

      // query the table by row and check the values in under field C and field D

      // if they are not empty or not null append their values to the Textproperty of the label within the ItemTemplate of column      

     Label lblstuff = (Label)e.Item.Cells[2].FindControl("lblStuff");

       StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

      sb.Append( row["a"]);

      sb.Append( "<br>" + row["b"]);

      if (row["c"] != "" && row["c"] != System.DBNull)

         sb.Append( "<br>" + row["c"]);

      // same way for row["d"]..

      lblstuff.Text = sb.ToString();       




Shravan Addaypally MCP

5/10/2005 3:50:23 PM

Thanks a lot.

I managed to do it using sql command with case switch. Performance wise , do you think it is better to do it programmaticaly using code or in sql statement.

5/11/2005 12:02:13 AM
What I suggested was using a SQL Statement inside the ItemDataBound event. and include the fields which are present and leave the rest.
Shravan Addaypally MCP

5/11/2005 1:28:10 AM

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