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I have a default SQL statement assigned to the datasource: select * from customers. But when I want to dynamically change this at runtime, e.g.: accessdatasource.selectcommand="select * from categories where custCity="&  lblCity.Text (lblcity is in this case NY of which there are plenty fields in my DB) it appears that after the postback this command is lost, the gridview linked to the datasource disappears from the screen....

This is my problem and this is what I heard before as an answer:
"You only specify the SelectCommand when the button is pressed. When you don't press the button and do other postback, the AccessDataSource SelectCommand is not set. Make sure you set a default SelectCommand for the AccessDataSource. The SelectCommand will not be saved into any state so it will not keep the state during a postback."

1.   So is it possible to dynamically assign a selectcommand to the datasource?

2.   if not: is there is another way to display data dynamically in customized tables on which im able to sort and page?

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The SelectCommand of the Data source control will not be added to any state. So you need to set it on every postback. If you for example only set the SelectCommand when a button is pressed, the GridView will be empty everytime you do a postback becuase the SelectCommnd isn't set.

So in your case, you must specify a SelectCommand even when the button isn't pressed.
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9/26/2005 5:18:52 AM
I have specified a default select command, but the thing is I want to change this at runtime, is it possible to dynamically change this command? How can I make sure the gridview is filled (sorted or paged) after a postback?
This thing is really driving me crazy, but it HAS to be possible right?

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Hello Peter.

well, I've built a small sample over the northwind database that shows how you acn do that. I've written it here and haven't done any testing on it (so it may have one or more things that don't work as expected). Notice that you have to 1) mantain the current select command between postbacks and 2) update the sort expression and page index when you change the select command:

<%@ Page Language="C#" %>

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

<script runat="server">

void P(object sender, EventArgs args)


Button bt = (Button)sender;

if (string.CompareOrdinal(bt.ID, "customers") == 0)


ViewState["sql"] = "select * from customers";




ViewState["sql"] = "select * from categories";




void RebindData()


source.SelectCommand = ViewState["sql"].ToString();

grid.PageIndex = 0;

grid.Sort("", SortDirection.Ascending);


protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e)



if (ViewState["sql"]!= null && !string.IsNullOrEmpty(ViewState["sql"].ToString()))


source.SelectCommand = ViewState["sql"].ToString();




<html xmlns="" >

<head runat="server">

<title>Untitled Page</title>



<form id="form1" runat="server">

<asp:SqlDataSource runat="server" ID="source"

ConnectionString="data source=.;Integrated Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=Northwind;"

SelectCommand="select * from customers" />

<asp:GridView runat="server" ID="grid" DataSourceID="source" AllowSorting="true"

AllowPaging="true" PageSize="3" PageIndex="0" />

<asp:Button runat="server" id="customers" Text="Customers" OnClick="P" />

<asp:Button runat="server" id="categories" Text="Categories" OnClick="P" />




Luis Abreu
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9/26/2005 10:19:01 AM
No need to rewrite, it works as far as I can see now! :)
Okay, but apparently there's another issue:
I have several dropdownboxes which are parameters for my search query: age, gender etc.
When the user searches I want to fire THAT query on the database and show the results in the grid (and ofcourse be able to page that grid). That means  I have my query (oledbcommand) and have to assign it to the datasource select command which in turn provides it to the gridview.
(Ofcourse) I cannot simply fill the selectcommand of the datasource as the viewstate is not maintained and therefore paging on the results will be can I fix that? (bearing in mind that I use OleDB for my command, and I do that because it handles my date fields for me perfectly)

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9/26/2005 4:38:52 PM

well, you can use parameters for the query and configure them so that they get their values from the controls. in ohter words, you'll have to use selectparameters and add the controlparameters to that collection...
Luis Abreu
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9/27/2005 11:19:53 AM
Could you provide me with an example please?
please mark answers as 'Answered' and post back solutions when you figure stuff out that isnt in the post already.
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