I don't know if I am posting this to the right spot, but boy do I need help! I have to create a VB project using visual studio to do the work. The tables I need to do the work is one part of the problem, they are mdb files. Do i have to have access to open mdb files because I don't have that and i can't find a free trial. Believe it or not this is my smalles problem. I have no idea how to do some of the things the project asks for. I will include the instructions and the file I have to open.

Input: to complete you need existing file CustomerOrder.mdb that has 2 tables: customer and order such that one customer can have many orders (tables are related using CustomerID field). There are also several queries with any example SQL you may need that you can copy and paste from the MDB file into Visual Studio. An example of final app can be seen in file assign3.exe
Scenario: You just started a business to provide party supplies. To run the business, you need a database program so you can enter and view customers and their orders. Further your business plan calls for the work be done in Visual Studio .NET with specific tasks of:
Create a new VB project for a windows application with project name of Assign3", and add the following forms: Begin, Customers, MasterDetail, and StateQuery
Very important: if you do not complete item 10 to perfection then put customerOrder.mdb file in folder "C:\temp" because when you make a database connection it uses a full pathname and I need to put the mdb file in same location so is best if everyone uses same folder.
On Begin form provide a way (menu or buttons) to Exit and show forms for Customer, MasterDetail, StateQuery
On Customers form show a single record display for Customer table that shows data one record at a time (read item below first to see what else to do on customers)
In Customers form only show fields firstname, lastname, birthday, balance, and WantEmail with buttons for navigation that when clicked will move forward and backward through records and save, delete or add a new record. Note for now leave WantEmail as a textbox, but in hard part at end it will become a checkbox, however, checkbox can cause errors if not careful
On MasterDetail form put 2 grids (master-detail display) showing customers and orders such that
top grid shows all customer records but only show fields customerId, firstname, and lastname with column headers of ID, First, Last
bottom grid shows records from order table, but only shows orders that belong to the current customer (master-detail relationship)
in detail grid show all fields from order table
On MasterDetail form
edit customer grid design to have column headers of "ID, First, Last" instead of the default headers
edit detail grid design to make IsPaid field be a checkbox
On MasterDetail form show
sort customer records by lastname and firstname (Hint: use order by clause in the SQL, see QuerySortByName in mdb file)
label with total sum of the 'balance' field for customers (Hint: either loop thru records or execute a new sql command to do a sum like QuerySumBalance in mdb)
On the Begin form put
a control (like a listbox) showing only customers (first name, last name, and balance) whose balance field > 0.(Hint: 1 way is use a data reader with SQL like QueryBalanceNonzero in mdb)
Label showing #records in the Customer table; it should reflect any new entries done on customer form. (Hint: add a connection, data adapter, and dataset and when form loads or after another form updates the DB then use Fill method of adapter to return number of records)
a way to add a new record into customers without showing all the other records. Just use fields lastName firstName and Balance, and validate the data first so name cannot be blank and balance must be positive number (Hint: SQL already in stored query in database called sqlIsnert, so copy & paste from MDB into VS; 1 way to insert is have 3 textboxes for lastName firstName and Balance (not bound to any field) and a button that when clicked will insert a new customer record with the textbox values; insert can be done in code using sqlcommand and assign the parameters of the query to the textbox values then issue .Execute method)
On StateQuery form
provide a control (DropList or Textbox) where user selects a state; make the default value be PA
a control (like Listbox) that shows firstname and lastname but only for customers belonging to state selected above (Hint: 1 way is use SQL with parameter, like QueryState in MDB file, so write code that when state is selected you use DataAdapater.SelectCommand to assign the parameter and re-execute the query command. Alternate ideas are use a filter or make the textbox and combobox be a master-detail)
Hard Part
For database connection: make the default connection string use path "C:\temp" but allow user to browse for the database file to be opened, i.e., use a file dialog to get file path and stuff into connection string at run-time
On Customers form write code before update executes that checks if user is trying to add a new record with a lastname and firstname that already exist in DB and if so ask user if really want to do this and cancel the change if need be. (Hint: you can search for a match several ways per notes on finding a record)
On Master-Detail form make it so user can edit order record and save it; Also if user changes and saves the IsPaid field for an order then you change and update the balance field for the customer, for example if order price =10 and user checks IsPaid then deduct 10 from customer balance field. (Hint: this can be tricky: 1 way is read notes on column_changing, another harder way is before Update method executes for order table check the original and proposed values for Ispaid in each row and if changed then find the customer with that ID in customer table and change the balance )
On the Customers form make the control bound to field WantEmail be a checkbox

I know this is a long post, but I am stuck and I don't know what to do. Can anyone help?
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Quite frankly, I just don't have the time to take you through all the points in your post.    Why don't you tell us what part you are stuck on, and focus on that ONE part, and go from there.  I would also suggest checking out sites like,, and of course for samples on how to do some of these things.  As far as the mdb file, you don't need access, you just need to have rights to the directory it's on.
Eric Landes

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4/1/2004 12:29:06 PM
Okay the first problem I am having is how do you open mdb files in
4/1/2004 12:37:30 PM
I don't understand what you mean by rights.  I was given the mdb file to download but I can't open it because it says i don't have the right program.
4/1/2004 12:53:04 PM
Do a search on google for thing like "Examples ASP.NET ACCESS".  I cam up with this link which may be helpful.  You probably can't open the mdb file directly in VS.NET, but you can open it with code.  Look at these example, and the examples for Oledb on and you can find good working examples that should help you get started.  Also there are samples with web matrix found on this site as well.
Eric Landes

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4/1/2004 1:26:21 PM

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