Adding a blank DataGridItem row or header row to a GridView object...

I really haven't seen any examples of adding a blank header row or item row to a GridView control....


Is there a way to do this?




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If you handle the RowCreated event then you can determine the row type (if it is header or data) and then reformat it or insert a row after or before it
Phillip Williams,
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good article...


My scenario is one where I have over 15 columns, so I need to keep them aligned.  I found that when I implemented the solution provided, I lost the ability to keep all of my column names and columns aligned.

 Here is a screen shot of what I'm trying to accomplish:

Thanks again for your help...



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good article...


My scenario is one where I have over 15 columns, so I need to keep them aligned.  I found that when I implemented the solution provided, I lost the ability to keep all of my column names and columns aligned.

 Here is a screen shot of what I'm trying to accomplish:


As you can see from the screen shot, I'm trying to add a row to the top of the grid view so that I can add some grouping images (lines, text) to indicate month's proven to be more difficult that I first imagined...unless I'm complicating it... 

Thanks again for your help...



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Check out the example here:

It helped me a lot. Of course, you can work out better solutions than this one :)

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 that works!


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