add new rows in gridview on button click

Hi ,

I am designing a gridview.In that i have a add button on the header and edit /update/cancel for all rows.If i click add button i have to insert new empty row( which has 2 textboxes,2 dropdownboxes=total 4 columns)  on the bottom of the gridview with no edit/update/cancel

Can anyone let me know how to do this.I use rowcommand and find out command name and i am calling afunction   like

<asp:gridview id="gridview1" onrowupdating ="row_update" onrowediting="row_edit" onrowcancelingedit="canceledit" onrowcommand="addemptyrow" runat="Server">




I appreciate any help




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Tell u an easy way?

add all controls just below the gridview... ofcourse you have to fix the style for that ... keep them invisible ... when some one clicks the button  which have to add controls in the last row ... make them visible.

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Tutorial here tells you how to do it in the gridview footer.

Amazing what you find if you click "Learn" at the top of the forum page.

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I'm still confused, but now I'm confused on a higher plane.
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