add data from multiple rows in table to one row in gridview

 heya is there any way of adding data from multiple rows in table to one row in gridview.


eg. ipc                 column 1 ,            2 ,                       3,                 4 

1,    11111                 33                    66                         44                 11

2,    11111                       44                   55                         8 8                  55

3,    11111                         55                     55                     66                  66

4,     11111                         66                      44                    44                    44


 i want to bring column 1 and 2 from rows 1 and 2 and place them like this

 ipc                 column 1 ,            2 ,                     row 2,  1,            2 

11111                 33                    66                                44           55

the problem is that there is over 4000 records that have in another table multiple rows of data associated with them. so i have a table that has the ipc(material number, unique) and i have another table called pour data where there are multiple ipc's that they want to pull certain data from certain lines and populate a gridview like above..


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Hi pendo19 ,

I think you can simpliy use one sql query :

Select top 2 * from tablename


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