access Radio button button in repeater

I am displaying some records using repeater control. Each row will have a radio button. User will select one of the records and will click the submit button. Now I have some questions,
1) For radio button should I use html radio button (input type=radio) OR use web server control Radio button?
2) How can I access the checked radio button in either case above?

thanks in advance.
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1. You can use either, as long as they both have runat="server". The server control gives you a more consistent programming model.

2. Since the radio button will be in a template you need to use FindControl:

Dim rb As RadioButton = DirectCast(Repeater1.FindControl("MyRadioButton"), RadioButton)

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thanks for ur reply.
I am using asp:RadioButton control. here is the code,

<asp:RadioButton ID="rb1" runat="server" GroupName="one" />

this radio button is part of <ItemTemplate>

When the page is executed multiple radio buttons are getting displayed but the GroupName is not working. I can select all the radio buttons. How can I check which radio button is checked?

one more thing, I am using C#

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At last I found the solution to this problem,
I am using following control
<input type="radio" id="one" name="one" runat="server" value=<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem,"somevalue") %> onclick="change(this)" />

Write a client side function to to manage the selection of the radio buttons,

<script language="javascript">

function change(v)


            for(i = 0; i < document.forms[0].elements.length; i ++)


                  elm = document.forms[0].elements[ i ]

                  if (elm.type == 'radio')


                              if (elm.value == v.value)


                                       elm.checked = true;




                                    elm.checked = false;






In the Code behind use following,

System.Web.UI.HtmlControls.HtmlInputRadioButton selectedRadio = rptItem.FindControl("one") as System.Web.UI.HtmlControls.HtmlInputRadioButton;

if (selectedRadio != null && selectedRadio.Checked)




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