Sorting of modules in the Organize Modules section does not work


It seems to me that sorting of modules in the Organize Modules section (TabLayout page) does not work. After clicking any of the Up or Down arrow buttons, the sort order does not change. Is it a known bug or is it a problem only on my server :-( ?
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I have some more info concerning this problem:

I found out that due to unknown reason, the PortalCfg.xml configuration file contains attribute ModuleOrder="998" for several modules. How this could happen?
8/7/2003 7:12:10 AM
You may be better posting this question in the specific forum for the Portal Starter Kit

Various IBS Addons available at

Lead Developer [vb & c#] - MCAD
8/7/2003 2:01:39 PM

I thought that IBuySpy Portal it's the same and Portal Starter Kit.
8/7/2003 2:08:12 PM
Not exactly - see my post at the head of the forum

Various IBS Addons available at

Lead Developer [vb & c#] - MCAD
8/7/2003 2:23:42 PM

I've just found out that the problem was already discussed here view post 172248. The problem seems to be related to caching of the configuration file.
8/7/2003 2:47:18 PM

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