Web part performance concern as # of available web parts increase

Perhaps I'm missing a certain element to the Web part framework.

I'm slowly scaling up the number of Web parts that I have on a particular page that I have. It's not completely impossible for me to think of this page eventually having tens of Web parts available for looking at little cross sections of data in the system to provide a dashboard.

Of course, a user may only have 10 or so visible.

I only have four parts on my page right now within WebPartZones. What I notice is that even if my personalization settings have various WebParts configured as not to show, it runs through the data access code of those WebParts. I would only want, of course, for the data access code to be running if the WebParts will be on the page (or really any of the events of a particular WebPart).

Where do I short circuit this behavior? Any suggestions on perhaps the wrong direction I'm taking with this? I just don't want to have to deal with 80 WebParts preparing themselves for display when only 10 may be visible.



12/7/2006 2:43:27 PM
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