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I am a bit of a newbie to ASP.NET.  All my web development experience before has been with good old asp pages!

So anyways here's what I was wondering.  I have a page called ViewProfile which displays the information about a particular user.  The information is pulled from a users table stored in SQL server.  The user profile displayed is determined by the id parameter passed in the url (for example - ViewProfile.aspx?id=123).  This allows other users of the system to see another users profile (the appropriate links etc are on the pages).

Now here's the bit I'm not so sure on.  What I want to do is allow the users to determine what information they wish to display about themselves.  Say for example I had three groups called "Contact Information", "Personal Information" and "Hobbies & Interests", and User A only wanted to display "Hobbies & Interests" but User B wanted to display them all can I use webparts to allow the users to set up their profile page to display just the groups they want?  Then if User A viewed User B's profile he would all user B's information, but if User B looked at A's he would only see User A's hobbies.

I hope this is clear!  Don't know if I've quite got across what I'm trying to say.

Anyways any help would be greatly appreciated.


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take a look at a project I did on MSDN.  it creates a business class that can be used with objectdatasource to allow you to view all profiles including your own.

Peter Kellner and blogging at
11/2/2007 1:55:56 PM

Thanks for the quick reply Peter.

I don't think I explained too well what I was trying to do.  The profile page I am talking about isn't simply to retrieve the information stored in the Profile class about the user.  The profile page is their own piece of the site where they will be able to add photographs and information about themselves (much like what you would do on the likes of MSN Spaces, Facebook or Bebo).  On Facebook users can add/remove information groups (like the groups I mentioned in my original post).  When another user views their page only the groups the user has selected are displayed.

So, therefore I would like a user to be able to edit the layout of their own page which would be exactly how it would display to the other users.  And if the original user viewed a different users profile they would see it how the new user had arranged it.

Hope that's a bit clearer.  I know what I mean its just a nightmare trying to explain it in words.


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It sounds like you might want to store the "type" of information a user wants to see in his profile?  then, when he looks at another profile, he knows what type of info to pull up.  Not exactly sure that's what you have in mind.  sorry.

Peter Kellner and blogging at
11/2/2007 2:25:11 PM

That's ok thank you. Reckon I'll just have to play around with the control and see what I can get from it.  I'm very much still in the planning stages of the project.  Most other things I already know or have looked into.  This was just an idea that came to me today so I haven't had an in depth look at yet.  It's obviously possible because I have visited other sites that do it.  As I'm fairly new to ASP.NET I thought it best to get things planned out properly so I'm not having to hack things together to work at a later stage.

Thanks again for you help.

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