Can i drag the values between two web parts



i have tweo web parts in a web page

and in web part i am having a label control where the text is Rajesh

can i drag the value Rajesh to another web part and drop it there.


Thanks in advance

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Hi mrajeshbabu,

I remember this kind of question has been replied in the previous posts.

First, only WebPart controls (in your case: Label) can be draged and droped, and it can only be draged and droped between WebPartZones.

Second, in your case, you only can drag the value(Rajesh) with WebPart controls(Label), you can't split them.

These are by design. The following link is a good tutorial for starting WebParts.Read it carefully, and I hope you benifited greatly by it.



Michael Jin.
Microsoft Online Community Support

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