Accessing user profile properties for every user of the system, not just he/she whom is logged in.


on application_start i have to refresh the roles and users of a system.  one of the roles is basically created to contain every user who resides inside an active directory group.  Creating the users like this is fine but what i also need to do is have a custom profile property (which has been defined in the web.config) and make that equal to the givenName property of the DirectoryEntry object i got back from AD.

Question is, how do i get access to that property?

to clarify, what i'm essentially trying to do is this-


if (username != null && !Roles.IsUserInRole(username,RoleNames.usersRoleName))


    Profiles.SetProperty(username, "firstName", DirectoryEntry.Properties["givenName"].ToString()); //blatantly pseudocode           
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You can write a loop like this:

MembershipUserCollection muc = Membership.GetAllUsers();
foreach (MembershipUser mu in muc)
if ((returnAllApprovedUsers==true && mu.IsApproved==true) ||
(returnAllNotApprovedUsers==true && mu.IsApproved==false))
MembershipUserWrapperForMP md =
  new MembershipUserWrapperForMP(mu);
ProfileCommon pc = (ProfileCommon)ProfileBase.Create
  (mu.UserName, true);
md.FirstName = pc.FirstName;
md.LastName = pc.LastName;
md.AdvancedMode = pc.AdvancedMode;
md.Address_Street = pc.Address.Street;
md.Address_City = pc.Address.City;
md.Address_State = pc.Address.State;
md.Address_Zip = pc.Address.Zip;

check out my full blog post (also msdn article)  at:


Peter Kellner and blogging at
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Thanks, that pointed me in the right direction at least. 

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