Which .Net Provider for Oracle 9i Microsoft or Oracle

Can anyone provide me pros and cons of provider to access Oracle Database ? I am aware of Microsoft Provider and Oracle Provider.

3/28/2003 7:21:59 PM
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I guess you can use either. But as some post suggests, if both installed, then MS ODP will not work.
4/3/2003 4:57:30 AM
I've been using DataDirect Technologies Connect for .Net and Oracle.  It's not free, so it depends on your budget.

The speed improvements were great for us, and it's nice having 24 hour support for data driver issues.
Also, it doesn't require the Oracle client loaded on the webserver...it goes directly at the database without it.
good luck,
4/17/2003 7:05:36 PM
Personally, I have heard a great deal of praise from the Oracle community for the Oracle .NET Data Provider. Its removal of abstraction layers seems to make it significantly faster than standard Oracle drivers. I've been using it for quite a while and haven't run into a reason to switch yet, though I don't have high-volume database traffic, so I can't vouch for the performance gains from personal experience.

Pick up a copy of the Oracle magazine, however, and all those crazy ODBA's in black turtlenecks will tell you the Oracle .NET ODP is king. I'm inclined to believe them. :)

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4/22/2003 3:34:28 PM
The datadirect drivers seem a little unstable at the moment... they have at least one or two bugs in them.  Furthermore, while bypassing OCI and the like reduces overhead, it also reduces some performance & security features.

The Oracle provider has the best featureset in terms of overloaded functions and the like; I'd recommend that one if you can use it. The MS provider that was downloadable for .NET 1.0 has some questionable cursor closing practices (or lack thereof) when dealing with stored procedures that return cursors but the one that comes with 1.1 is better and is also a good choice.
4/22/2003 8:39:53 PM
I recently read an article in Oracle's magazine and it really suggested that Oracle's provider was far superior to the ODBC drivers, which of course it is.  On a sidebar, toward the end of the article was a comparision of Oracle's provider and Microsoft's provider.  The article admitted that there was little functionality added by Oracle's provider.  Mainly the differences were in how the provider's handled the Oracle data types like BLOB and stuff.  

If you are using the 1.1 version of the Framework Microsoft's Oracle provider is included, so I wouldn't worry about getting Oracle's, you don't get much added functionallity.
4/30/2003 3:09:15 PM
Steve, Have you had any issues while trying to ExecuteNonQuery?I've tried everything!

It's just hanging for me.
Protected WithEvents OleDbConnection2 As New OracleConnection()
Protected WithEvents OleDbDataAdapter1 As New OracleDataAdapter()
Protected WithEvents OleDbCommand1 As New OracleCommand()
Dim iRowsAff As Int16
With OleDbCommand1
.Connection = OleDbConnection2
'.Transaction = oTrans
.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
.CommandText = "sp_Clear_Users_Hyperions"
.Parameters.Add(New OracleParameter("p_UserName", OracleType.VarChar, 30, ParameterDirection.Input, False, CType(0, Byte), CType(0, Byte), "USER_NAME", DataRowVersion.Current, sDPUserName))
iRowsAff = .ExecuteNonQuery

Santiago E. Perez


Tech Media Solutions, Inc.


4/30/2003 3:44:06 PM
this may be a silly question, but where are you opening the connection?
5/4/2003 7:29:38 AM
aw232. Sorry for not pasting the entire code. I figured out what the problem was! Somwhere along the lines some SQL I ran started blocking all other commands on the ORacle box. I was hesitating to call the DBA but finally did and he told me I had 7 sessions hung up on the Oracle box. One or two sessions were blocking the others and thus why the web page was hung up. And when your stopping and starting during dev you don't always get to close your connections properly. 

Darn Oracle!.... Or should I say darn... close connection!
Santiago E. Perez


Tech Media Solutions, Inc.


5/5/2003 10:35:23 AM
Get into the habit of always opening your connections in a Try block and closing your connections in the corresponding Finally block.  Don't even compile without doing this.

Trust your connection pool and always Open and Close in the same function. It will result in fewer frustrating bugs.
5/8/2003 11:55:11 PM
doesnt the oracle driver have connection pooling / dropped connections issues?
3/17/2004 3:40:55 PM

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