VB.NET to oracle database connection


 I've been trying for days to try to connect to oracle database but still no success, I've put the connection in the web.config in the <ConnectionString> place, created the connection on the page itself:
Private sqlCon As New OleDbConnection("Provider=msdaora;Data Source=Server1/orcl2;User Id=Train;Password=Train;") but still no success,

Now I'm trying to make a local connection throught Tools > Connect to database but still no success.

All I get is this:

System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve service name at

Could somebody please help me out with this


Thanks for any help

2/21/2008 2:31:49 PM
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 You need to add a TNS to your oracle client first, do you have the oracle client isntalled on your machine?

2/21/2008 2:37:46 PM

I have installed this from oracle: OraOLEDB_81730, the oracle server database on is another computer aka Server1


2/21/2008 2:43:28 PM

The following are the stuff in Admin folder

Directory of C:\oracle\ora81\network\ADMIN

02/20/2008  03:17 PM    <DIR>          .
02/20/2008  03:17 PM    <DIR>          ..
02/20/2008  01:00 PM               412 listener.ora
02/20/2008  10:30 AM    <DIR>          SAMPLE
02/20/2008  12:59 PM               265 sqlnet.ora
02/20/2008  12:58 PM               265 sqlnet08022012PM5858.bak
02/20/2008  12:58 PM               348 tnsnames08022012PM5858.bak

2/21/2008 2:45:16 PM

 I suggest you to get the full oracle client from oracle, it will give you better performance and it's easier to use, get it from here


2/21/2008 2:59:32 PM

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