System.DLLNotFoundException for OracleConnection object

Has anyone experienced this exception when trying to open a connection to an Oracle DB with the OracleConnection object? I have installed the OracleClinet software from microsoft and have the Oracle 8.1.7 drivers installed.  Thanks.
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Let me clarify, the .dll it cannot load is the oci.dll
7/30/2003 4:23:58 PM

Do you have oci.dll? It should be in your OracleHome\bin directory.
7/30/2003 5:55:27 PM
Here's the answer to this problem.  If you go to your Control Panel -> User Accounts and look for ASPNET you will notice that it logs in under the Users Group.  If you go to your Oracle Home directory (usually under c:/oracle/ora92) Ora92 being the home, check the Properties -> Security. If Users or Authenticated Users does not have read and write and modify conditions then ASP.Net cannot gain access to the files under this Oracle directory and thus does not have access to the oci.dll (which is the oracle client interface).

8/1/2003 6:58:28 PM

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