single-row subquery returns more than one row

 I want a subquery  to return more than  one value then  use those values to get more values from  the other table. But  I  am receiving the errors saying ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row.
 How can I avoid this and achieve  want I want?

My sql and Csharp is below:

            string strreg = "SELECT Amount AS TotalAmount FROM Payment WHERE studentno=(SELECT tempcode FROM  specialstudent WHERE custid='"+ AreaNO +"')";           
            cmdread = new OracleCommand(strreg,dbcon);
            readergnumber =   cmdread .ExecuteReader();
            while (finalread.Read())
                Session["Technumber"]=finalread[" Amount"].ToString();

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 From this site:

ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row
Cause: The outer query must use one of the keywords ANY, ALL, IN, or NOT IN to specify values to compare because the subquery returned more than one row.
Action: Use ANY, ALL, IN, or NOT IN to specify which values to compare or reword the query so only one row is retrieved


Clearly, the query: SELECT tempcode FROM  specialstudent WHERE custid='"+ AreaNO +" is returning more than one row so the equal sign doesn't make sense.

 Either change the sub query to return one row or use the IN key word.

Steve Wellens

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6/4/2008 3:16:06 PM

 Actual  I want  the sub query to return more  rows.

So where should I play IN?? 

6/4/2008 3:39:38 PM

Try this - 

string strreg = "SELECT Amount AS TotalAmount FROM Payment WHERE studentno IN (SELECT tempcode FROM  specialstudent WHERE custid='"+ AreaNO +"')";  

Hope it helps.


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