reference for .net data provider for Oracle

Does anybody know of a reference for the new .net data provider for Oracle.  In the MSDN site there is still only references for the Sql Server data provider and the oledb provider.  Or should I just use the sql server reference and substitute oracle for sql?
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7/29/2002 6:18:36 PM
thanks, but that wasnt' what I was looking for.  I was hoping for more of a reference like at
but for oracle client rather than sql client
7/29/2002 6:58:21 PM
actually, nevermind.  I found a good reference in the .net data provider documentation.  Thanks

7/29/2002 7:11:55 PM
Here!! data provider for Oracle;EN-US;Q321715
8/7/2002 5:50:13 AM
hi aw232.  Can you tell me the link to the reference you found for Oracle.

I'm having the same problem as I think you were earlier.

I know nothing about Oracle....I can use to access SQL Dbase, but not Oracle, but I have to have some code written within a few days that reads records from an Oracle dbase.
Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
1/21/2004 7:52:17 PM
slwhetzell to connect to oralce there 2 ways other than that of oracle odbc provider. Why not try with odbc and oledb providers. They offer the same functionality of that of oracle provider. but i think there could be some consideration of performance issues with odbc/oledb providers when compared with oracle.

U can found free download of .net oracle provider for oracle server. just install it and u r done with the coding.
Just tell me if i am going wrong.
1/26/2004 3:21:01 PM

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