Query problem. Joining two queries


 After two days of trying to put two queries together, I feel frazzled and further from where I need to be. Actually I could not even get anything to really run with out errors especially with missing right parens..

If you could help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Below are two separate queries. Query 1 returns all rows in the database.  Query 2 currently returns 1 row because the where statement is set up for the one row, but I need to change so that it some how links to Query 1 and the two fields derived from Query 2 will be listed for each row coming back in Query 1.  I thought I could link on client.id or client.accountnumber (client.id is an indexed field i believe).   I hope you can help. 

This query, returns all records in the database:

Select client.Id, client.accountnumber, client.Namelast,
       dmlocation.city ||', '||dmlocation.state as CityState,
       client.salesTerritory_client ||'-'|| dmuser.namefirst_user ||' '|| dmuser.namelast_user as Territory,
       MaxDates.LastRun, client.creditrisk, client.customercategory 
    from client 
         Left join fctclientcoverage on fctclientcoverage.client_id = client.id 
         Left join dmlocation on fctclientcoverage.location_id = dmlocation.id 
         Left join dmuser on dmuser.id = client.id 
         Left join (Select to_char(Max(dmdate.calendardate),'MM/DD/YY') as LastRun, Client.Id
                from dmdate, client, fctadorder 
                where dmdate.id = fctadorder.lastinsert_date_id and client.id = fctadorder.primaryorderer_client_id 
                group by client.id) MaxDates ON client.id = MaxDates.Id
   where(fctclientcoverage.Ccoverrecordstopdate Is Null) 
       Order by client.namelast;

Query 2, only returns 1 row, so for each row returned above, the two fields selected in this query should accompany each row. 
But how to link these two selects using the client.accountnumber   (or perhaps by client.id)?

Select booked.CurRev, booked.LastRev from (
Select (sum(Case When dmDate.CalendarDate >= '29-DEC-2008' and dmDate.CalendarDate < '02-FEB-2009'
                Then fctinsertchargedetail.Amount_insertDetail Else 0 End)) As CurRev,
       (sum(Case When dmDate.CalendarDate >= '29-DEC-2007' and dmDate.CalendarDate < '02-FEB-2008'
                Then fctinsertchargedetail.Amount_insertDetail Else 0 End)) As LastRev
       from fctAdorder 
         Inner Join client On fctAdorder.primaryorderer_client_id = client.id
         Inner Join fctinsertion On fctAdorder.id=fctinsertion.fctAdorder_id
         Inner Join fctinsertchargesummary On fctinsertion.id=fctinsertchargesummary.insertion_id
         Inner Join dmDate On fctinsertion.insert_date_id=dmDate.id
         Inner Join fctinsertchargedetail On fctinsertchargesummary.id=fctinsertchargedetail.insertchargesummary_id
      WHERE client.accountnumber = '12345678' and 
      dmDate.CalendarDate >= '29-DEC-2007' And dmDate.CalendarDate < '02-Feb-2009') booked;


2/18/2009 6:02:31 PM
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I see, nobody replied...

Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it.
(Donald Knuth)
2/19/2009 2:23:56 AM
2/19/2009 1:36:59 PM

Yes, maybe we need a separate Qracle SQl forum.

2/19/2009 1:38:27 PM

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