Problems connecting to Oracle 9i database with Oracle 10g Client and Win XP x64

Dell Precision 490 with Intel Xeon 64 bit processor running MS Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Version 2003 Service Pack 1.
Visual Studio .NET 2005
Oracle 10g Client

I am trying to run my ASP.NET application from the above mentioned computer that connects to an Oracle 9i database on another machine on the network, but get the following error when using the OLEDB provider for Oracle:

Oracle client and networking components were not found. These components are supplied by Oracle Corporation and are part of the Oracle Version 7.3.3 or later client software installation.

Provider is unable to function until these components are installed.

I have tried setting the correct permissions on the Oracle Home folder without any success.

I get the same error if I'm just trying to connect to that same database using the Server Explorer in VS.NET 2005 and the .NET Framework Data Provider for OLE DB.

When I try to use the .NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle, I get the following error:

Attempt to load Oracle client libraries threw BadImageFormatException. This problem will occur when running in 64 bit mode with the 32 bit Oracle client components installed.

All this worked fine before I upgraded my computer and was still able to run the oracle 9i client.
Any suggestions that might help connect to my database again are appreciated. Surely I'm not the first person that has this problem, but I haven't found any solutions out there yet.


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Try the links below for possible solutions to your problem.  Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Gift Peddie
10/16/2006 11:22:29 PM

Thanks, but none of these suggestions actually worked. The first one didn't have an actual solution and the second one (the Oracle FAQ) suggests that it should work, but it doesn't.


10/17/2006 1:41:45 PM

I have read that 10g 64bits is not suposed to work on Windows, I had run 9i 64bits running on AIX64 bits when we needed to apply security patches I found two C++ compilers in the root directory one IBM because of AIX and one Oracle because of 9i 64bits back then I worked for a bank so we had to contact both IBM and Oracle on what to do so we can remove those complers. 

Now I am not saying that is your situation but that could be a problem, here are what I found about your exception.  Read those threads carefully I think one or both relate to you.  Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Gift Peddie
10/17/2006 2:04:22 PM

To resolve the problem "oracle client and network components were not found.......",


Please install the Oracle Client tools of 8i or above;

The client tools stablishes the TNS listener.

7/4/2008 1:08:08 PM

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