Passing string array to oracle function?

I need to call oracle function that takes a string array (table of varchar2) as one of the parameters. This is oracle 8, i am trying to find a way with oledb or oracleclient but cannot find any type in .net to support it. Is it possible? Has anybody tried it? Thanks.
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I am also looking to do almost the same thing.

oo4o and ASP classic have a method called parameters.AddTable which is not there in OracleClient ans ASP.NET.
I have to pass a paramater as an Array to a Stored Procedure that I am calling from my ASP.NET page.
In VB 6.0 with oo4o it is possible like following:
pconnection.Parameters.Add "ov_tseqno", 0, 2
pconnection.Parameters.AddTable "pv_arr", ORAPARM_INPUT, ORATYPE_VARCHAR2, 20, 100
Set arry1 = pconnection.Parameters("pv_arr")

arry1(0) = "Angel Pabon "
arry1(1) = "Nawed Khan "
arry1(2) = "FUL 5 "
arry1(3) = "Seller Pabon Angel "
begin pkg_name_insert.proc_get_name('50','7','208','Y',:pv_arr,'17',:ov_tseqno); end;
x = pconnection.ExecuteSQL(sql)

srseqno = pconnection.Parameters("ov_tseqno")
MsgBox srseqno
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How to pass string array to oracle function?
I need to call oracle function that takes a string array (table of varchar2) as one of the parameters. This is oracle 8, i am trying to find a way with oledb or oracleclient but cannot find any type in .net to support it. Is it possible? Has anybody tried it? Thanks. This is handled on the Oracle side The key here is declaring a create or replace type myTableType as table of varchar2 (255); / create or replace function in_list( p_string in varchar2 ) return myTableType as l_string long default p_string || ','; ...

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